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Mobile communications generation 5G comes to the far north

The 5G-TELK-NF project receives funding

(PresseBox) (Enge-Sande, 28.01.21)

Yesterday, on Tuesday, 26.01.21, the grant certificate of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) was officially handed over to the 5G-TELK-NF project team by the Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer in a live stream of the BMVI. With a funding amount of 3.9 million euros, the BMVI is supporting this 3-year project, which will focus on applications in the field of Automated and Connected Driving (ACD) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drone flying. All partners will now receive their grant notifications; the project will then start on February 1.

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As one of 10 funded projects, the 5G-TELK-NF project team considers itself lucky to have made the final step to the grant with the submitted concept. Andreas Scheuer spoke of the "5G fan community and the many good future projects" during the online event, which lasted just under 1/1/2 hours. The importance of transporting faster and larger amounts of data with the new generation of mobile communications was reflected not least in the digital form of the event, he said, which showed Corona-conditioned that digitization is becoming increasingly important.

Nothing now stands in the way of building a 5G campus network, which will be used to test various applications of Automated and Connected Driving and autonomous flying with civilian commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. "Municipalities and regions play a central role in creating a high quality of life, economic locational advantages and equality of living conditions" and "5G is not only an issue within metropolitan regions but also within rural areas," Scheuer said.

After a short presentation of all other funded projects, last but not least the project 5G-TELK-NF was explained by project manager Ralph E. Hirschberg (EurA AG, branch office Schleswig-Holstein in Enge-Sande), who first explained the abbreviation of this project (5G-TELK-NF = Tinningstedt, Enge-Sande, Leck and Klixbüll as well as Nordfriesland). "The confidence placed in the project by the funding body BMVI pleases us very much" shared Hirschberg. "We want to help ensure that humans and machines will be able to exchange information in real-time in the future. With our 18 partners, consisting of 9 companies from industry, 4 research institutions, 4 municipalities, and one public authority, we will evaluate applications in autonomous driving and flying over the next three years and bring them into real applications."

According to Astrid Damerow, MdB, the project is an excellent fit for the region, not least to make good use of conversion areas such as the former military airfield in Leck. She expressed her thanks with the fitting words that this innovative project was certainly not the last from the region to be approached by the BMVI.

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Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Andreas Scheuer presents us with the grant certificate

Source: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

From: 04:20 to 11:55: Andreas Scheuer welcomes and congratulates all the

5G project participants

From 01:10:40 to 01:18:20: Project manager of the 5G-TELK-NF project Ralph E. Hirschberg expresses his thanks on behalf of the entire project team for the funding of 3.9 million euros.

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