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First project presence meeting after Corona-related break!

LECK / 25. October 2021

After a long Corona-related break, during which the project meetings were mostly held online, the 5G-TELK-NF project partners were happy to exchange ideas in person again at the presence project meeting in the town hall in Leck on 25 October. Some of the partners were connected online due to other scheduling commitments.

The meeting started at 2 pm with a welcome by the project coordinator of EurA AG Schleswig-Holstein, followed by a presentation of the results achieved so far within the work packages and their milestones. Among other things, areas of application such as the UAV control centre for emergencies caused by lightning strikes in a wind turbine or the status of the planned use of drones were presented in a poster-like manner.

After a break, the agenda also included a discussion about possible stumbling blocks that could stand in the way of a successful implementation of the project, as well as votes on publicity measures.

At the end of the meeting, the progress of the project was rated as mostly confident by all participants. Discussions on a next meeting also took place, which will probably be held in Hamburg. We will report on this here. Stay up to date!

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